china Mosaic Wall Tiles

Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Type MAWEI PORT ctns/pallet kg/ctn pcs/ctn ctn/ctnr sqm/ctnr
300×600 10.0±0.2 Mold white $3.96/sqm 60 25 8 1080 1555.2

Fuzhou OUYA- Your Perfect Mosaic Tiles  Supplier

What is the first object that comes to your mind when you think about ‘Mosaic’? Something artistic and appealing, right? China Mosaic Wall Tiles supplier’s Mosaics are world-famous for their pattern and design appeal.

They are ancient tiles that are never out of fashion! Be it your living room, kitchen, bathroom, wall tiles, floor tiles, outdoor tiles, or anywhere you want, and these tiles can complement every home to excellence. Our Mosaic Tile is an outstanding choice for a striking kitchen backsplash, a proper yet elegant shower floor, wall, and so much more. Here at Fuzhou, we have a wide range of mosaics to suit any home.

Many interior designers prefer to use mosaic tiles to add diversity and versatility to their interior look. China Mosaic Wall Tiles supplier extend tiles variety is beyond beautiful glass mosaic tiling. Other excellent options comprise natural stone,  ceramic, porcelain, metal, and mixed elements (like natural stone and antique metals).

Is Our Mosaic Tile Easier To Install?

China Mosaic Wall Tiles supplier provides highly durable and reliable tiles which are easier to install.  Usually, special equipment is essential to cut regular tiles. But our mosaic tiles contain a mesh sheet that is easy to cut the tile. With standard tile, you can sometimes finish up with a row of small obdurate cut tiles. Since mosaic tiles are much smaller, this is relaxed to avoid. Also, we ensure that our mosaic patterns and grout lines are kept consistent.


  • Waterproof, dirt-resistant, and wear-resistant.
  • Mosaic tile has low water absorption
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Colorful, highly decorative.

We mosaic tile manufacturers want our clients to be satisfied with the complete look in their home, so we always commend a grout protector for being used when using a large number of mosaic tiles due to the pure volume of grout linkages. So, get your mosaic tiles from oeoceramic at the most affordable price.

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