Fuzhou OUYA ceramics co.,ltd is a modern ceramic enterprise, Following the development of modern society, Uphold the new concept of advancing with times, Every aspect of the company’s operations are strive interlocking. On the personnel structure, the company developed a modern and efficient mechanism to attract a large number of high-quality management and sales staff. Encourage enterprises to glow new vitality and vigor. In the marketing strategy, the company continues to market oriented, with sales scheduled production. Promote sales rely on the development of business principles to achieve a sound marketing network to the maximum extent, to ensure smooth business marketing . Whether it is a gathering of personnel structure or targeted marketing strategies, both in order to maximize product sales achievement. For the products promotion, the company follow the “Luxury, Honorable, Green” concept, Tailored a unique idea and perfect marketing system, which introduced a variety of species, a colorful interpretation of the concept of products, sufficient to meet all the individual needs of large-scale engineering users and retail customers.